Illuminate by Aimee Agresti

There are lots of books out there now that tell you immediately who and what the main character is and so it was truly refreshing to find a book that made the reader and the character discover the answers for themselves. Illuminate was one of those page turners that dazzled you with its setting, drew you in with its cast of varied characters and held you captive with its twisting story. I’m usually one who can guess just what is going on and what to expect next but Illuminate kept me on my toes, providing me with just enough information to leave me hanging for the next chapter, scene, or, more often than not, line. It was readily addicting, so much so that it took me awhile to realize I was indulging in the bad habit of actually talking to the book as if it was a person. From page one Haven had me reading between the lines for any clues and loving every twist of Illuminate’s captivating plot thanks to her determination and the naturalness of her personality. 
In other words, this was an amazing start to what I believe will be a wonderful series!

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