Until I Die by Amy Plum

I found myself truly connecting with Kate as she goes through tough decisions, while always keeping reality in perspective. Though this might sound odd, I found myself loving her the most whenever she doubted herself or others—because it is the human thing to do. For example, she loves Vincent; but she also keeps in mind the countless “mortal couples,” I believe was the phrasing, which are unable to make things work. Then we get to meet this very new side of Kate that I love and hope everyone else does too. While I do not want to give anything away, Kate is not a damsel in distress; she is fully capable of defending herself. Kate shines in this book. 
Another treat for the fans, is the rich history of the revenant’s that is delved into. Actually, I have a hunch that this book only scrapes the surface of the detail constructed around these beautiful, mystical beings, but I found myself so very intrigued about all these facts that we did not know before, and I am sure everyone else will love them too! 
I know everyone is interested about the plot and what happens, and some are concerned about the ending (yes, it is worthy of tears), but I don't want to give it away. Besides, no matter how mad some of us might get at authors for making tragic, cliffhanger endings, we love it. After all, books make us feel things, and tragic, cliffhanger endings sure do make me feel a lot! 

Thank you HarperTeen for the ARC.

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