My Review Policy

Hello! And thank you for choosing me to review your book!Please read the following guidelines...

Review Guidelines

  • I am happy to receive requests to review books.  Please direct requests to cem_0077 (at) yahoo (dot) com
  • When you send a review query e-mail, please include the book's title.
  • All genres are accepted. 
  • In your review request, please indicate if you are willing to participate in giveaways, if you do not specify either way, I may send you a follow up e-mail asking this question (sponsoring a giveaway simply means that once I have chosen a winner, I will e-mail you their address and you send them a copy, you make the decisions as to the limitations of the giveaway)  I may or may not ask you to sponsor a giveaway, but I need to know if you are open to it
  • When you send Unique Book Critic a complimentary copy of your book for review, you accept the risk that you may not necessarily get a favorable review.  I will only write an honest review.
  • If you send a PDF of your book, please do not send a partial version of your book, for a preview as this will not be accepted and reviewed.  Please include the book in it's entirety. 
  • Review Guidelines are subject to change.

  • Regarding ARCs and galleys:  As an aspiring writer myself, I understand how much work one puts into writing a book, and how much piracy and disrespect of another person's intellectual property can hurt.  You can rest assured that your work is safe in my hands.  I do not abuse the trust an author/publisher puts in me by giving me a copy of the book   Your e-book files are not shared, and your ARC copies are not resold.
  • I send up to three reviews a week to the local high school newspaper. For any printed ARC's that I receive, I would like permission to donate them to the local high schools library on the publication date. So please be aware that this will be asked, but it is solely YOUR call.
  •   All reviews are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way by anyone else.