Review: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Cynthia Hand

A most touching follow up in the Unearthly series, proving Cynthia has went far over the top in her creativity and writing! Hallowed will melt your hearts, and leave you yearning for more. This is such a great series!

As Clara is trying to regain normalcy her life from everything that became of her 'purpose' and the fires, not to mention the run in with Samjeeza, things are quite well. Things are going great with Tucker, and staying friends with Christian are going well to. It's when she realizes that her purpose must not be finished that she starts to get worried.
It starts with more visions. What scares her the most out of it all, is that Tucker isn't there. She messed up everything the last time to save him, and this time, he isn't in them. The feeling of the vision is sadness. Christian is there, comforting her. She is more than scared of the outcome of these visions, and rightly so, doesn't want to share what she suspects with Tucker.

It's when Samjeeza makes his grand appearance that things get even rockier. He starts to watch her outside of school. Christian can sense her fears and insecurities,and he is there for her. It's quite sweet really. The way he just waits just in case she needs him. Having him do this though, opens her eyes to the truth of the future and how things will always be. She has to make huge decisions, As well as find out that her vision was far wrong, it was about someone else entirely. Someone even closer to her, and she even has another new visitor along the way. Someone she would never expect.

Published by Harperteen. Received for review from Netgalley

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