Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

This book was quite simply everything I hoped it would be, then more. If you're after kick-ass action, a phenomenal heroine and a world that comes to life, then this book is for you!

SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY picked me up and whirled me away in the best possible way--the action kept coming and coming! It would ease off just enough for me to catch my breath, and then we were away again! And oh, the finale....? I can't even say!

With just a few deft strokes, Susan Dennard immediately lets us know who we're dealing with--and then proceeds to peel away the layers so we learn more about them at every turn, plunging deeper and deeper. Even the minor characters spring to life--one of my favourites was Mrs. Fitt, Eleanor's mother, who could have been a stereotype and instead is so vivid and genuine--I could always see (and to some extent sympathise with) her motivations, even when I was right there with Eleanor in wanting to strangle her. There are some fabulous originals in there (I think Jie might be my favourite, though you'll have to read to learn more), and Daniel, well. Excuse me while I fan myself a little! I am in love!

Eleanor herself is a strong, memorable and totally three-dimensional heroine. Her evolution is seamless, and so gradual, but somehow over the course of the book she grows from the girl we first meet, busy trying to fit into everybody else's idea of what she should be, into... well, I can't spoil you, but into a girl capable of pulling off THAT finale!

All thats left to say is-Bring on the sequel!

                              Thank you to the wonderful people at HarperCollins for the ARC!

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