Grave Mercy by R.L LaFevers

I LOVED this book! When I first started reading it, I began to worry a bit about the dialect and the time settings. I've never been a big fan of historical type novels.But despite the time period, Grave Mercy is full of strong women and an enticing romance that will appeal to readers. This book in a new trilogy stands well on its own! Robin L. did such an awesome job with Ismae, Duval, and Anne... And that's just to name a few of the characters that will stand out at you in this book! Every character, no matter how big their role is, has a distinctive personality and they all truly add to the charisma of Ismaes journeys.
Blessed by the God of Death himself, Ismae has sworn to serve him and her country as an assassin. Sent on a mission to protect a duchess during the hundred years war, Ismae must pretend to be the mistress of Duval, a man she does not trust. But as secrets are revealed and lives are taken, she not only uncovers a deeper conspiracy, but discovers that she is falling in love. 

Robin LaFevers has weaved a thrilling and romantic tale that will appeal to fans of all ages!

This is a definite must read!  
Thank you Houghton Mifflin for the ARC!

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  1. I just received your email on this book and read the amazing review. I have started reading diff. kinds of books, mostly I enjoy good clean books. Your review of this book has made me put it down and most likely add to my TBR list. Thanks for your review.

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